Fort Wayne is now the official home to a multi-faceted ministry that assists both churches and individuals in making positive changes in their circumstances. Connection Points, Inc., has opened a permanent office in the Tippman Office Complex at 2118 Inwood Drive, near the intersection of East State Street and Coliseum Boulevard East. The new location will serve as the central office for this nonprofit organization that is already having an impact in northeast Indiana and beyond.

For several years, Connection Points has been providing area churches with consultation to help them have a more effective influence on their members. Connection Points works with church leaders to connect the various ministries of a typical church — Christian Education, Small Groups, Missions, Stewardship, Prayer Meetings, etc. — with the goal of helping church members to become stronger in their faith. Connection Points achieves this by offering training workshops for Evangelism, Assimilation, Leadership, Small Groups, and other key ministry areas.

The newest facet of Connection Points is the addition of LifeLine Connection of Indiana, an outreach program that uses small group counseling to assist people in overcoming such problems as addiction, anger, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, and other life controlling issues. LifeLine Connection groups began in Kentucky out of the need for effective non-residential addiction treatment, and are now beginning to spread to other states. LifeLine Connection of Indiana is already developing relationships with area law enforcement, probation officers, courts, clinics, and churches to accept referrals. Connection Counseling groups are currently offered at Christian Community Health Care in Grabill and at Connection Points’ new Inwood Drive office in Fort Wayne.

Connection Points, Inc., is led by Rev. Daniel Schreck, founder and President of the organization. Dan has over 30 years of pastoral, consultant, and counseling experience, and is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor and author of an addiction recovery curriculum. Connection Points is overseen by its Board of Directors and is assisted by an Advisory Board for LifeLine Connection of Indiana. Volunteer staff members are being trained to serve as Facilitators for LifeLine Connection counseling groups, and some of these staff members have already begun making presentations in area prisons.

To receive information about how your church can work with Connection Points, or how you can register for a LifeLine Connection  group, call Connection Points or email us today.  To learn more about Connection Points church workshops, visit us at Connection Points Ministry.

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Helping people with life controlling issues, Addiction, anger, relationships, substances, behaviors.